What does "Fofo Hari" mean?

It's Zerma for "hello water".

What does "Wayna Hina" mean?

Pronounced Way-nuh He-nuh, it means the sun can or the sun has the ability. The perfect name for our solar disinfection program.

What does "Ay Sabu" mean?

Thank you.

How can I partner with Fofo Hari?

Send me a note and we will get you involved.

How many times have you been to Africa?

Currently, I've been seven times.

Who does your graphics?

I do all the design work and illustrations.

Do you only work in West Africa and with the Songhai people?

We started our work in West Africa with the Songhai after falling in love with the people group. We're also working with the Zerma, Hausa, Gournamche, Fulani, Kutay, Mori, Kado, and Tamachek people groups. We're very excited about opportunities we have been given in West Africa and beyond.

What degree did you earn?

Masters of Geoscience from Western Kentucky University.

What is eye-tracking?

Put simply, it's a way of measuring where a person's eyes are looking, the order in which they look at an image, and  how long they gaze upon areas of interest. Eye-tracking requires specialized equipment that a scientist uses to record and interpret the findings. Eye-tracking is used in the automotive and medical industries. It's also used in the fields of advertising, entertainment, product packaging and web design. Scientific research in the fields of psychology and physiology have also used eye-tracking applications.

Why do you use eye-tracking in your research?

The use of eye-tracking technology for this project will allow for the collection of quantitative data about how West African people groups view and interact with our water education materials.

Is your research about water or art?

I have a background in both and to me it makes perfect sense to combine the two into the research. If we can prove our methods are valid, then the opportunities are endless. Our techniques could be used for any hard to reach people group with any topic of choice.

What type of eye-tracking equipment did you use?

We use Tobii X260 eye tracker hardware and it's accompanying software.  

Is Fofo Hari on Social Media?

Yes, but most of our time is used developing creative education materials and traveling back and forth to work with people groups.